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Gun 2013
a short novel

The White House's favorite secret-agent aims at common-sense gun law & hits the bull's eye.  Dedicated to the first graders of Sandyhook Elementary School & their families, Newtown, Connecticut, 2012 ~ with three semi-autobiographical preludes of explanation that you're encouraged to skip if you're in a hurry to get to the narrative.  Mostly takes place in Prescott AZ...


The Road Princess & Eternity
a short novel
This is a tall tale of one beautiful go-go dancer's confrontation with the stark landscape of Arizona.  An outlaw finds her out there and intrudes upon this kaleidoscope of a lost hot babe in the wilderness scenario.  The dang thing turns into a romantic comedy.  Or is it a mystical journey?
Road's Cannon
another short novel
Fresh out of prison for draft-dodging the Vietnam War, a desperado has a cause of his own in mind when he runs across an old Civil War cannon.  This is an improbable tale of outlawry and dispicable attitude born in the early '70s...
Wild Women In The Borderlands Of My Mind
a collection of short stories (and a few songs)
I finally found something I can identify with on TV ~ the new Bugs Bunny cartoon show.  Wow, what a relief these cartoons are ~ kind of like this collection of romantic tales ~ for older folks.  And always remember:  go-go bar fantasies will get you absolutely no where...

A Ghost Town Called Love
a collection of poems
I must be fair. I must warn you. This series of poems evolved into ~ besides a romantic comedy ~ a psychological western.  And don't let the Martians bother you.  These creatures are definitely political ~ but so what?  Scene: Yuma, Arizona, also La Paz, Arizona, the ghost town gone to ground & layed to dust from where much of the original population of Yuma moved in the 1800s...


Deep Desert Blues
one very long narrative rhyme
This is a tall tale that endlessly rhymes and that originated in Yuma, Arizona.  It's a tramp projection.  Where to?  Out of Yuma, of course.  Quite mystical...

epic poem 2014

Afghanistan's new Iliad by Afghanistan's new Homer ~ Rawclyde!


Cloyd Campfire's Tall-Story Campsites

The written works of Rawclyde's alias, Cloyd Campfire, which includes, The Back Desert Trail, which embraces, A Slave To The Desert Goddess.  Also, some guest appearances by, of course, Rawclyde!


Rawclyde's Code Room


photo: "Hombre" 1967

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